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Hello Winter!

We are excited to collaborate with Sodashi’s International Spa Trainer, Nikolett Fellner, to bring you our top tips and product picks to keep your skin healthy and glowing throughout the colder winter months.

It’s time to say a big, embracing ‘hello’ to winter - here's Nikolett's winter skincare regime!

I’m sure we’re all enjoying the crisp mornings, and excuse for constant hot chocolate breaks, in spite of the drying effect these conditions have on our skin. Mine’s been feeling a little lacklustre with the change in season!

A balanced and nurturing winter skincare regime however will alleviate both sensitivity and dryness, but also provides long lasting nourishment and hydration.

To maintain a bright, healthy and glowing complexion through winter, I always recommend the following skin saviours from our delicious Sodashi range:

1. Exfoliate/Compress with our Cell Renewal Drops

This is your ultimate home spa ritual in a bottle. It’s a beautiful aromatic facial compress that gently exfoliates without irritating. This liquid exfoliant will increase the skins cell renewal process to ensure new, healthy and stronger cells come to the surface quickly. Ingredients like Geranium will keep the skin hydrated and balanced. I would recommend using this once or twice a day after cleansing. Just add 4 drops to a basin of warm water and compress onto the skin 3- 4 times with a soft face cloth. If your skin is really sensitive, I would recommend using 2 drops.

2. Treat with our Calming Skin Boost

This is a beautiful soothing and hydrating leave-on gel that you can use morning and evening underneath a moisturiser or face oil/serum. It gives the skin a boost of hydration and enhances the absorption of products to follow, all whilst targeting a combination of concerns. It helps to soothe and calm any sensitivity, reduces irritation and increases the skins natural healing abilities.

3. Moisturise using our Nourishing Repair Treatment

If you love our Face and Neck Moisturiser then definitely keep using yours during the day. However, during the winter months your skin will need something more intensive at night. The Nourishing Repair Treatment is an incredible night cream (and one of my personal favourites). It’s the perfect combination of ingredients to aid dryness and even skin tone. The sensitivity of the products helps to promote collagen production and to keep the skin looking nourished and with a healthy glow.

4. Serum/Face Oil – Calming Serum

A MUST HAVE for winter time!

This beautiful and nourishing oil is the perfect combination of hydrating and soothing/repairing ingredients. Just 1 – 2 pumps of this soothing oil-serum massaged into skin before bedtime will calm, revitalise and renew sensitive or irritated skin overnight. An infusion of 12 strengthening botanical oils including Vetiver, Rosehip, Centella, Chamomile and Sandalwood, this soothing and nourishing blend protects and speeds skin recovery for a glowy, clear complexion. You can use 3 – 4 times at night under your moisturiser.

For further product recommendations during winter, please check out our ‘Find my skincare’ feature or feel free to get in touch for a more personalised recommendation from one of our qualified trainers via

To a glowy winter ahead!





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