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Hello, Hormonal Acne! Our top tips to achieve glowing skin during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time where you go through an abundance of change; physically, hormonally and mentally as you prepare for the arrival of your precious bub.


It’s also a time where you might become more conscious of what you’re putting in to and on to your body.

Around 60% of what we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, so using natural skincare products that offer nurturing and uplifting benefits is a safe alternative.

Sodashi uses the finest essential oils in our range for their amazing skin rejuvenating and wellbeing benefits, and we often get asked if our products are safe for use during pregnancy. Expectant mamas are often warned about the dangers of using essential oils.   This is not something you need to be concerned about in Sodashi products.

At Sodashi we are delighted to say ‘Yes!’ all our products are absolutely safe for use during pregnancy. Our botanical ingredients are 100% pure and we mindfully and carefully blend essential oils in our formulations.  We are aware you may be using our products before you even know you’re pregnant so we’re all about safety in our products.

So knowing this, we encourage you to support any changes to your skin (hello, hormonal acne!) with our nourishing and balancing formulations. Our picks for pregnant mamas include:

This incredibly luscious body oil blends an abundance of nurturing cold-pressed plant oils including Macadamia, Hazelnut and Jojoba Oils to nourish the skin and keep stretch marks at bay. Applying like smooth, liquid silk, this oil is a true treat for the skin.


Combat hormonal acne with this skin-perfecting leave-on gel. Blending anti-bacterial Spike Lavender, calming Chamomile and antiseptic Australian-native Niaouli, this gel will quickly clear skin and prevent scarring!


Pomegranate Enzymes and finely ground rice powder work in harmony to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin! This beautiful treatment not only smells like a dream but also delivers skin perfecting benefits to combat hyperpigmentation during pregnancy.


  • Brightening Marine Mineral Mask

    This beautiful mask will brighten and deeply cleanse your skin, give some extra moisture and enhance your natural pregnancy glow!


Your Pregnancy Wellness Routine:

We talked to beautiful, expecting Amelia Harvey to get the scoop on her pregnancy skincare and

  • Which skin changes have you noticed (if any) during pregnancy?

I've definitely noticed my skin became dryer after falling pregnant and I started to see a few fine lines appearing! I've also had few breakouts on my chin and jawline - I put these down to changing hormones.

  • How has your skincare care ritual changed during pregnancy?

Especially in my first trimester, I didn't have a lot of energy for pampering so washing my face morning and evening became something I could manage that felt really indulgent because I was choosing beautiful natural Sodashi products. I switched to a gentler, less-drying cleanser and a super nourishing moisturiser which sorted out the dryness I had been noticing.

  • What have been your favourite self-care activities during pregnancy?

I love massages and baths (not too hot though!) where I can relax with a face mask and read a novel. I've been moisturising my whole body with cream or body oil every day to keep my skin healthy and hopefully prevent stretch marks! I've also been loving walking, yoga and swimming and spending time in the beautiful spring sunshine. And getting lots of sleep!

  • What does ‘wellness’ mean to you?

It means feeling great on a mental, emotional and physical level. Rather than sticking to a perfect diet or exercise routine, I've learned I feel my best when I'm listening to my body and soul and doing what feels most nourishing and nurturing for me in the moment. When I do this, I have more energy and confidence and feel more generous with my time and energy.

  • What are your must-have Sodashi products?

I adore the Calming Rose Face Mist and use it all day, it's especially lovely after a meditation. My morning and night-time ritual are the Clay Cleanser with Lime followed by the Nourishing Repair Treatment. The Serenity Body Oil is a favourite to add to a bath or slather over my body before bed.


Amelia Harvey is a Perth-based life and business coach, and meditation teacher. Please click here to see her website and to find out more.

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