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Pure Beauty by Sodashi x nuut

For beautiful skin and a lean body, it’s important to nourish the systems of your body, inside and out.

Pure Beauty combines everything good about nuut and Sodashi skin care

✓ Avocado for softening and hydrating skin

✓ Spinach for fortifying its natural barrier

nuut plant-based protein for lean muscles and a flat stomach

Drink daily to nourish internally, and smooth on Sodashi Body Brilliance Cream made with rich Madagascan vanilla, patchouli and avocado oil for nourishment from the outside in.

Sip, slather and thank us later.


Pure Beauty

Sip daily for pure wholefood nourishment, lean body, and radiant complexion.

1 sachet of nuut

handful of spinach

1 cup frozen cherries, or combine with blueberries or raspberries

¼ avocado

1 cup almond milk

dash of vanilla


Blitz, blend, and sip for a beautiful body from the inside out.

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