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Good Vibrations at Sodashi

Why Sodashi uses crystals

Everyone has a vibration, in fact, everything in the universe does. Our mind, our organs, or chakras and thoughts are vibrations as well, an intricate symphony of resonances. And from time to time some vibrations get out of whack.

Crystals have specific and clear vibration, and by openly engaging with these vibrations, crystals can act as a tuning fork to help realign our vibrations to a more ‘in-tune’ place, helping us become more balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Rose quartz crystal cultivates love, both for ourselves and toward others. Its calming and soothing energy balances emotions and promotes inner peace. It is also known to have healing properties beneficial to circulation, the blood and the heart.

These qualities made it the perfect crystal to enliven our luxurious Samadara Age-Defying formulations. The rose quartz infused water in the product imparts the earth’s healing vibrational energy into the skin. This beautiful crystal also impart a deep sense of calm to the heart, to boost our overall sense of wellbeing.

Our essential crystals

At Sodashi, we like to tap into the benefits of significant crystals - from relaxation to enhanced connection, to serious empowerment. Our team share their favourite crystals.

Donna, General Manager

I have a ‘collection’ of gorgeous crystal jewellery from Anna Michielan ( One that feels particularly powerful for me is a citrine, amethyst and keishi pearl choker. I wear it on days when I need to boost my confidence, strength and energy. Citrine carries the power of the sun, and I always feel like I have more presence and light when I wear it.

I also have rose quartz and malachite on my desk and beside my bed because one can never have too much nourishment for heart and emotions!

Zoe, International Spa Trainer

I have a huge collection of crystals for many reasons, however the ones I tend to always have with me are rose quartz, citrine, amethyst and black tourmaline.

Rose quartz is such a beautiful and loving crystal. It promotes love for others and most importantly love for one’s self. I am all about self-love and feel we often need all the help we can get. It also helps to ease the heart and promote forgiveness, not just towards others but for ourselves also, which ties in to my self-love philosophy.

Citrine is incredible for stabilising the emotions and assisting us to release undigested feelings and experiences. Its beautiful golden colour to me reflects our life force energy, and helps to promote personal power.

Amethyst has extremely high vibrational qualities and helps to stimulate our high mind (also known as our third eye). It strengthens our inner voice and intuition, and also assists in deepening my meditations.

Black tourmaline is always on my bedside table, wherever I am in the world. It is incredibly grounding and also very powerful for protecting against negativity of any kind.

Rachel, Public Relations Director

 I have a beautiful Selenite crystal on my bedside table to keep the energy the best it can be where I rest my head at night. My home my safe haven, where I feel most comfortable, and where my family resides and I like it to feel the best it can. Selenite brings a very protective, yet calming and angelic energy to promote a peaceful space, and has the ability to quickly unblock any stagnant or stale energy, and remove it from your home.

Tammy, International Spa Trainer

I have a ring with a beautiful blue kyanite stone which is really helpful for Chakra alignment. I also have a beautiful Anna Michelin mala, which was given to me as a gift from Sodashi. It has a very powerful clear quartz crystal, which is helpful for protection. It also has hematite crystals, which help me with grounding due to all the travel I do training therapists in Sodashi spas around the world.

Sam, part-time Warehouse Assistant (and Astrologer)

When I am working as an astrologer, I always have two crystals with me – agate and citrine. Agate boosts clarity and memory and citrine is associated with the third chakra, the energetic power centre of the body as well as wealth, and helps me establish healthy boundaries when I’m working with clients and in other areas of my life.

Maja, Laboratory Assistant

I have a collection of clear quartz crystals that I place around the rooms of my home to clean out all the electromagnetic energy from my living spaces. It has a very a strong healing and cleansing vibration, and can actually be paired with other crystals to amplify their vibrational qualities. Known as the master healer, clear quartz is said to connect you to your higher self and intuition.

To cleanse my clear quartz crystals I leave them out under a full moon or in very heavy rain.  

How to make rose quartz crystal-infused water

An easy way to bring the healing qualities of crystals into your daily ritual is by drinking crystal-infused water. Some of the Sodashi team have been hydrating with rose quartz crystal-infused water for a long time, but it’s now become a thing!

To make your own, be sure to source good quality rose quartz crystals and clean them first before adding them to filtered water in your water bottles, jugs and pitchers – to instil good vibes, wellness and self-love.

You can even add a rose quartz to your bath, for a beautifully nurturing soak and to cleanse and revitalise your aura!


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