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A Conversation with Faith Agugu, Psychotherapist and Founder of Silver Sirens

As we celebrate International Women's Day in 2024 under the theme of "Inspire Inclusion," it is imperative to spotlight women who have dedicated their lives to challenging norms and empowering others. Faith Agugu, a psychotherapist and the visionary behind Silver Sirens, is one such remarkable woman. With a fervent passion for reshaping societal perspectives on aging and supporting women through their journey, Faith embodies the essence of inclusion and empowerment. 

In our exclusive interview with Faith, she shares insights into her journey of challenging traditional views on aging, offering guidance on embracing the process with positivity and purpose.  


1. What led you to challenge traditional views on ageing and support women? 

I was inspired to challenge traditional views on aging and create Silver Sirens through my work as a psychotherapist. I encountered many women struggling with negative feelings about aging—feeling invisible, disregarded, and anxious about unmet goals. Additionally, I was compelled by the stigma surrounding women and aging, particularly in the workplace. I wanted to change this narrative and promote a positive attitude towards aging. 


2. How can women positively approach ageing and embrace it? 

One key to aging well is acceptance. Recognise aging as natural and a privilege—something not afforded to everyone. Embrace aging without equating it to giving up or letting go. Stay curious and focus on what you can control. Challenge internal dialogues about invisibility and be willing to step aside to allow younger women their spotlight. Avoid policing how other women age. 


3. What are your top tips for women's health and well-being during ageing and menopause? 

Prioritise both physical and mental well-being. Research indicates that those with a positive view of aging tend to age better as they are more likely to care for their health. Develop good sleep hygiene, as menopause can significantly impact sleep. Establish a non-negotiable morning routine that prioritises your needs. 


4. Why is mental health support crucial for women in menopause and ageing? 

Mental health support is vital during menopause and aging due to common concerns such as physical changes, fear of lost time, and questions about legacy. Intentionally focus on your remaining years and prioritise personal goals and dreams. Take care of your physical health, as it profoundly impacts mental health and attitude towards aging. 


5. What are Silver Sirens' future plans for supporting women's health and empowerment? 

Our vision for Silver Sirens is to become a national and global movement. In 2024, we'll hold satellite events nationwide and explore expansion overseas. We're launching programs like Silver Connections and the Silver Body Program to combat loneliness and foster meaningful connections for women as they age. Our aim is to empower women of all ages and ensure their representation and inclusion in every sector of life.  


Silver Sirens is coming to Perth to host an inspiring event for Perthians, and we are thrilled to be sponsors of this impactful initiative. Join Silver Sirens for the Redefining Ageing Event! 


Date: March 23, 2024, Saturday 

Time: 09:00am- 1:00pm (AWST) 

Location: Historic Ballroom, Pagoda Resort & Spa, 112 Melville Parade, Como WA 6152, Australia 


Don't miss out on this opportunity to join Faith Agugu and Silver Sirens as they inspire inclusion and empower women in Perth and beyond.  

Take this opportunity to join like-minded women in a gathering that is a brave space in which to explore the riches, superpowers, and challenges that come with ageing.  


Register Now to Reserve Your Spot Now! 

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