Sodashi Body Brush Sodashi Body Brush
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Body Brush

$35.00 AUD

Dry body brushing gives your body a boost by smoothing your skin, removing unwanted dry areas and cellulite, increasing circulation and stimulating drainage from your lymphatic system.

This Ayurvedic technique uses a bristled brush to buff the skin, removing dead skin cells so your skin appears healthier and products such as moisturisers are absorbed more easily. With better circulation and lymphatic system function, your skin will feel softer, smoother and more youthful.
  • Vegan Sisal Bristle
  • Walnut Wood
  • Diameter of Brush 100mm
  • Length of Bristles 30mm
Skin Type

All Skin Types

Key Benefits
  • Prepares skin to absorb skincare
  • Targets dry areas and cellulite
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Boosts circulation
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
Extra Tips
  • For energising benefits, incorporate body brush in your daily ritual before showering, morning and night.
  • Use light pressure in areas where your skin is thin and firmer pressure on thicker skin, like the soles of your feet.
  • Take special care of sensitive areas of your body.
  • Avoid brushing if you have sunburn, broken or irritated skin, moles, acne or other skin conditions.
  • For best results, we recommend moisturising your body with your favourite Sodashi body products when it is damp to seal in the excess water.
  • If you are travelling and forget your brush use a Sodashi muslin face cloth as an alternative.
  • Try to brush your skin in the morning for its energizing benefits.
  • Once you finish brushing, take a lukewarm shower to wash away the dead skin cells (brushing is fantastic to combine with steam or sauna sessions too).
  • Use a gentle body wash, avoiding exfoliators as the body brushing has already done the job.
  • Dry off with a soft towel and consider adding Sodashi Contouring Body Gel, Sodashi Enlivening Body Lotion or Sodashi Toxicleanse Body Oil to moisturise your skin. Notice how your skin accepts the lotion/oil readily and feels smooth and supple.
  • The skin may look pink, but it should never be red or sting. The pinkness is a positive sign of increased circulation. To remove dead skin cells from the brush, wash it after every use with shampoo. Allow it to dry facing down to ensure the water does not sit on the wood, which can cause discolouration.