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Top tips for nourishing your skin at home

Adopting a skincare ritual to thoroughly nourish your skin while addressing any key concerns can seem overwhelming, particularly due to the huge volume of information available on skincare do’s and don’ts.

We spoke to Little Company Founder and guru of all-things-skincare, Stacey Burt to get the scoop on skincare trends, skincare blunders and her current Sodashi favourites.



1. What are the biggest trends you are seeing in skincare now?

Plant-Based Retinol Alternatives

Plant-based alternatives offer the same sort of benefits as retinol, but without the harsh side effects such as drying and peeling. Plant-based retinol alternatives are amazing for those with sensitive skin. I expect to see many more of these plant-based ingredients in moisturisers, serums, and facial oils soon.

NB: Sodashi uses plant-based retinol alternative, Mango Butter in our Body Brilliance Cream and Immortelle Oil in our Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Crème.

Using tools at home, such as Gua Sha.

Results-focussed face massaging tools are quickly becoming a huge trend among consumers. From Eastern tools such as Gua Sha through to mechanic devices focussing on stimulating the lymphatic and muscular parts of the face, the verdict is out and the anecdotes are in: at-home tools can be great practices to complete your topical skincare regime.

Focussing on the skin’s microbiome.

Because your skin is a living and breathing organ, it’s so important to protect the top layer of your skin at all costs. Think of your skin as a house - you want the outside walls protected. This is the core of Little Company’s methodology and it’s nice to see that it's becoming a mainstream focus. Moving from a “fix” to a “prevent” mentality is something we are dedicated to and we welcome the widespread adoption of this principle.

Personalised skincare

We are pretty excited about this! Like diet, everyone responds differently to foods and ingredients. We have always placed importance on personalising regimes for our customers. One of the many things we love about Sodashi is how extensive the range is. This means we have more creative control over how defined and tailored our solutions are for our clients.


2. What are the biggest skincare blunders you see?

Too complex of a skincare routine.

Too many products, too many conflicting ingredients.

The belief that there are wonder creams that work for all skin types, and money wasted on celebrity-endorsed products that have not been professionally recommended or prescribed.

We feel public opinion is shifting a bit, customers are expecting more, there is access to free information online. The challenge comes with validating skincare research. It’s very easy to create a story, pay for PR, and create content to support a claim. Through professional practitioner networks, we need to keep our voices public and reach as many people as possible with our years of knowledge and keep the public educated with a professional opinion.

Splashing hot water on the face to remove cleanser.

This dehydrates the skin, causes inflammation and broken capillaries. When cleansing, you should only use a warm compress.



3. What core products would you recommend for a youth-enhancing at-home facial?

Sodashi Rejuvenating Skin Boost - a mineral infusion to support cell renewal, firm and repair skin.

Sodashi Enzyme Face Polish - a dual-action gentle facial exfoliant with Pomegranate Enzymes, Sweet Orange and finely-ground Rice Powder.

Jade Roller

Light Stim for Wrinkles


4. Are your go-to Sodashi products for nurturing your skin during winter?

Nourishing Repair Night Treatment – an ultra-healing night cream, which combines Avocado, Carrot Seed and Rosehip Oils.

Plant Essence Mask – a deeply hydrating mask, which blends regenerating Ginkgo Biloba, Clary Sage and Macadamia Oil.

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