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The Not-So-Forbidden Grapefruit

This ancient citrus fruit was first discovered in 1750 and named the “forbidden fruit” as it was found whilst in search of the original tree from the Garden of Eden.

Today, in the Sodashi range, it’s far from forbidden! We can’t get enough of this uplifting essential oil that cleanses, brightens and tones the skin. Grapefruit is a tropical citrus rich in nutrients, antioxidants and fibers, making it one of the healthiest citrus fruits you can eat.⁠

01. Limit the Impact of Hot Summer Rays
Loaded with Vitamin C, Grapefruit helps to protect your skin against harmful UV rays and free radicals. Very important for our Australian Customers!

02. Helps Reduce Pigmentation 
Vitamin C can work as a depigmentation agent, helping reduce the signs of pigmentation on the skin.

03. Stimulates Circulation
Grapefruit works to stimulate circulation in the deeper layers of your skin. It has an incredible way of toning and tightening the skin.

Grapefruit is found in a large number of Sodashi products, including…

Contouring Body Gel
Luxurious hydration meets contouring results in this intensively concentrated contouring gel, created to target cellulite and fluid retention.

Oud Face & Body Mist
A precious blend of Oud, Frankincense and Sandalwood, this ultra-fine mist delivers luxe, enriched moisture.

Rejuvenating Skin Boost
This mineral infusion firms and repairs skin from within minimising lines and supporting cell renewal.

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