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Sodashi Spring Picks to take your skin out of hibernation!

As the seasons change and we welcome milder days and longer, lighter evenings, your skin may start to experience different concerns.

According to Ayurvedic principles, Spring is a period in which we clear out our bodies (both mentally and physically) in preparation for Summer. Traditionally, it’s also the period where we may undergo a Spring Clean to clear out space around us to gain mental, emotional and physical clarity.

We spoke to Sodashi Founder, Megan Larsen and our International Spa Trainer, Nikolett, to get the scoop on their go-to Spring beauty tips, wellness products and self-care activities to keep you as fresh as a daisy as we welcome in the new season.

Spring self-care tips

  • Body Brushing – supercharge the lymphatic system and banish all post-winter sluggishness by indulging in a circulation-boosting body brushing ritual.



Sodashi Product Picks

Every season brings new challenges when it comes to skin. Our special Spring edit focuses on detoxing, relieving dehydration and inducing enviable skin glow!

  1. Brightening Face Drop


Awaken the senses from hibernation with the divine scent of Palmarosa and Lime while decongesting and brightening. This luscious formula will offer deep hydration the skin requires after long periods of indoor living and will assist in clearing up blocked pores.

  1. Brightening Marine Mineral Mask

Our ‘date night’ mask deeply purifies and cleanses impurities, offering the complexion a bright, dewy appearance. Packed with both vitamins and marine minerals, such as Seaweed and Spirulina, this mask is the perfect way to give the skin a jumpstart after winter!

  1. Enlivening Body Lotion

Combining gorgeous Hazelnut and Macadamia Oils, this moisture-rich lotion awakens the senses, protects against environmental damage and tones skin.

Your skin will not only smell amazing but will feel beautifully plump and smooth.

Our best for the fresh and exciting new beginnings going into Spring!

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