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No shrinking violet: Sodashi packaging

The whole package...

Our Sodashi packaging is a major talking point: sleek and minimalist. A beautiful hint of the exquisite product contained within.

At first glance, the dark glass appears black, but it is, in fact, a very dark violet. So much more than just pretty packaging, the glass and its unique colour actually work to preserve the products for longer, filtering damaging UV rays and prolonging the all natural products’ shelf life and effectiveness. The ultimate fusion of stylish form and hard-working function!

Sodashi founder Megan Larsen explains the story and significance behind Sodashi’s extraordinary packaging.

When I started looking for the perfect vessel for Sodashi products I had a long list of requirements:

  • it needed to be eco-friendly
  • it had to be aesthetically pleasing
  • it couldn't contaminate the natural product within.

It was a big ask, and my list of requirements ruled out most conventional skincare packaging. I was being ruthless and very particular, but Sodashi’s products are exceptional and they deserved nothing less than the packaging we chose.

After extensive research online I discovered a glass company in Switzerland which claimed that its glass was being used to store and preserve olive oils with amazing results. Realising that I could have stumbled upon a perfect packaging solution I headed to Switzerland to see the product for myself.

My travels led me to a tiny village outside Geneva near the French and German borders where, among a cluster of charming Swiss chalets, I met with the company's founder at their head office and explained our requirements.  I was shown the oil that I had read about online – two samples, one preserved in the violet glass and another in a traditional clear glass bottle. The oil in the traditional glass was completely rancid, while the oil in the violet glass was beautifully fresh and perfectly preserved. I was convinced!

At the time, the violet glass producer had never worked with a skincare brand but I think that their founder could sense my enthusiasm – I could see the obvious value and benefit in packaging Sodashi’s all natural skincare in their beautiful glass. I took samples home to trial with Sodashi products and immediately knew that I had found ‘our’ packaging. Sodashi was the first ever skin care product to be packaged in this violet glass. This is a great point of pride for our company – in so many ways Sodashi has been a pioneer in the natural skincare industry, and our packaging is no exception.

We are so proud to have forged the way for the many other brands who have now also adopted violet glass!

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