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How to find the perfect Natural Serum for your skin.

At Sodashi, we are whole-heartedly driven by the intention to deliver the highest quality, botanical products for your skin.


In order to achieve the best results for our customers, we really consider the inherent benefits of each individual ingredient as well as how we can amplify these benefits through a harmony of complementary ingredients in our formulas.

When conceptualising and testing a new formulation, our Founder, Megan Larsen considers how we can balance sebum production and regulate the skin’s pH levels. We carefully hand pick the most effective ingredients based on the specific skin-type or concern the formula aims to address.


  1. Balancing Serum

Is your skin oily? Suffer from an oily T-zone? Then our Balancing Serum is for you!

Our Balancing Serum is precisely formulated to address the concerns relating to oily and combination skin. This serum can be used to prevent/treat acne, breakouts and scarring. The focus of our Balancing Serum is to heal, offer a dose of healthy oils to the skin and to balance sebaceous activity naturally.

The lightest serum in our range, our Balancing Serum is purposefully formulated to absorb quickly and includes luscious Jojoba, which deeply penetrates into the layers of the skin. As Jojoba’s molecular composition is similar to the skin’s own natural oil (sebum), this ingredient works to balance sebum naturally. The addition of Rosehip Oil, which contains essential fatty acids, works to lock in moisture and boost cell renewal, while Sweet Orange detoxifies and decongests skin for a clearer and healthier complexion.

The result? Nurtured, hydrated skin with an even tone and refined pores.


  1. Calming Serum

Is your skin easily irritated? Or, are you experiencing sensitivity or redness? Then our Calming Serum is for you!

Sodashi’s Calming Serum is formulated to specifically address the concerns that come with sensitive, reactive and irritated skin types as well as very dehydrated skin. For this particular serum, we focussed on developing a formula that strengthened the walls of the capillaries, boosted circulation and removed heat from the skin to ease irritation.

A carefully-crafted combination of Sandalwood, Centella, Roman Camomile and Vetiver Oils work to moisturise, improve circulation, increase the production of collagen by strengthening capillaries. Sandalwood offers beautiful anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritation and to cool the skin.

Vetiver Root Oil also improves the skin’s ability to absorb moisture and key nutrients; the perfect ingredient to correct dehydrated skin.



  1. Rejuvenating Serum

Is your skin dry or dehydrated? Or, are you hoping to combat fine lines and wrinkles? If so, our Rejuvenating Serum is for you.

As with all of our Rejuvenating range, this serum offers a high level of nutrients to mature, dry and dehydrated skin types.  We formulated this serum to give the skin a dramatic moisture boost, to soften skin and to remedy hyper-pigmentation, sun damage and age spots.

Considering these concerns, we specifically included the ingredients of Palmarosa, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Centella and Carrot Oils. Whilst Palmarosa offers benefits to both dry and oily skin types by restoring optimum oil production, Sandalwood helps to improve the natural renewal cycle of skin cells (this process slows down as you age).

Centella aids the production of collagen and supercharges circulation, while beta-carotene-rich Carrot Oil delivers a high concentration vitamin B, C, D and E to rejuvenate skin tone and soothe a sun-damaged complexion.


  1. Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Elixir

This luxurious, crystal-infused face oil is our crème de la crème formulation….

Referred to as Sodashi’s own ‘fountain of youth’ face oil, the Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Elixir is packed with the most divine, benefit-rich essential oils sourced from the most trusted suppliers around the world.

Our intention when developing our Samadara Elixir was to offer both an incredible age-prevention and anti-aging formula. We lovingly combine gorgeous Damask Rose with Arnica Oil to remove toxins, and improve circulation to optimise the delivery of oxygen and key nutrients to the skin.

One key objective of the Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Elixir is to supercharge the production of elastin to store collagen beneath the skin’s surface. Although as you age, elastin proteins weaken beneath the skin’s surface, the synergy of the Elixir’s carefully combined ingredients serve to strengthen these proteins. This allows more collagen to be stored beneath the surface of the skin. With this support, Rosehip then dramatically improves the production of collagen.

The effects of this gorgeous, youth-inducing elixir are maximised through the inclusion of Rose Quartz beads. Activated by gently shaking the elixir bottle, these beads emanate a vibrational frequency to add a loving, nurturing element to your Samadara ritual.

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