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Natural Skincare - Does it really work?

We sat down with Sodashi Founder Megan Larsen to find out how effective natural skincare really is. 

There’s a misconception that natural skincare and products don’t work as well – what do you say to that?

It was for this very reason I was inspired to create Sodashi in the beginning.  I wanted a product that would be gentle enough for my very sensitive skin, but effective enough I would see the results and want to use it every day! There are all kinds of ways to formulate a natural product, however, one of the most important factors is to combine the finest natural ingredients in a way that magnifies their efficacy, and to harness the skin’s own ability to balance, heal and rejuvenate itself. The result is truly effective, anti-aging, natural skin care.

3-5 of your favourite/most efficacious natural ingredients and why?

  • Carrot Seed (daucus carota) is steam distilled from the dried seed of the wild carrot. Rarely used in skincare, this is one of my favourite oils for its effectiveness to revitalise dull, lacklustre and tired skin.  It works wonders on ageing skin and wrinkles.
  • Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) The Lavender Sodashi uses is certified organic and is exactly as pure lavender should be.  It is renowned for its cell rejuvenating properties.  Put simply it speeds up the cell renewal process which means it has loads of anti-ageing properties.  But there are all different qualities of Lavender - which is why we choose to use the very best (and unfortunately the most expensive!).  It’s also great to add a drop to the pillow if you’re having trouble sleeping.
  • Palmarosa (cymbopogon martini)– grows as a wild grass in India, and is steam distilled. Highly antiseptic, it has a great ability to balance the skin – if it’s producing too much oil or not producing enough.  Not only is it balancing but it’s very hydrating too. On an emotional level, it can help to remove anxiety and restore a feeling of security.
  • Lime (citrus aurantifolia)– I’ve chosen this oil because I use the uncommon steam distilled variety and it smells so sweet. Steam distilled Lime is not phototoxic – meaning it does not affect the pigment of your skin in sunlight - whereas cold pressed lime does.   Not only does the fragrance make your mouth water, the benefits are wonderful.  It naturally counteracts the overproduction of sebum (a common problem for the oily skins) and works as an astringent.  Also refreshing and incredibly uplifting – it’s my favourite oil when I’m feeling tired and fatigued!

What are the best starter products for people who are getting into  a good starter product and why (cleanser, moisturiser?)

The skin game-changers- Sodashi Cell Renewal Drops and Brightening Face Drops. Unique to Sodashi, they are powerful skin-transforming blends of pure botanical extracts that you compress onto the face to gently exfoliate the skin and dramatically boost cell turnover rate. They leave skin supple, revitalised and even-toned, whilst working to reduce scarring and pigmentation.  Over time, you will feel your skin balanced, brightened and strengthened.

How to do a facial compress with Cell Renewal Drops or Brightening Face Drops:

Use morning and evening. After cleansing, add 4 drops to a basin of very warm water. Immerse a soft face cloth and compress onto face and décolletage 3-4 times. A gorgeously aromatic ritual, make sure you take time to inhale the aromas to nurture your whole being!



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