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Sodashi ritual for sensitive skin

Our top recommendations to nourish sensitive skin

Sensitive skin tends to be thin and delicate with fine pores. If you are easily irritated by the sun or certain cosmetic products, or if you are prone to redness, itchy patches or a blotchy complexion, you may have sensitive skin.

It is important for sensitive skin types to use product ranges that won't aggravate the skin or exacerbate the symptoms of sensitivity; two key culprits to avoid are harsh chemical ingredients and synthetic fragrances. A sensitive skin type should use products that work to strengthen the skin, reduce sensitivity/irritation and cool, soothe and calm the skin.

Sodashi's Calm range is formulated specifically for sensitive skin.

It cleanses and nourishes gently and effectively without causing irritation or discomfort. For a basic skin care routine to nurture and support the needs of even the most sensitive skins, we suggest:

  • Clay Cleanser with Sandalwood- Effectively cleanses the skin and removes make-up, dirt and surface impurities without irritating. Sandalwood soothes the skin and reduces heat, redness or irritation.


  • Calming Concentrate- Gentle enough to use daily, Sodashi's Calming Concentrate gently but effectively exfoliates the skin. Lemon stimulates the natural exfoliation process while Chamomile soothes and calms irritation or sensitivity.


  • Calming Skin Boost- This powerful leave-on gel mask delivers vital nutrients at a deep level. Instantly cooling, soothing and calming, it effectively reduces redness, heat and irritation. Patchouli works to heal and repair damage, while Calendula soothes irritation and sensitivity.


  • Calming Face and Neck Moisturiser- This nutrient-rich moisturiser can be used both night and day to effectively hydrate, protect and soothe the skin. Camellia Seed, rich in antioxidants, protects the skin from free radical damage, while Chamomile reduces irritation and soothes.

When cleansing sensitive skin, remember to only use lukewarm water, always cleanse gently and apply serums, moisturisers and eye care products carefully - never pulling or pushing the skin roughly.

To view Sodashi's entire range for sensitive skin, chose the Calm filter on our products page.

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