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Morning vs Night: Do You Need a Different Skincare Routine?

When it comes to skincare, timing is crucial. Our skin follows a natural rhythm throughout the day and night, and understanding this cycle can optimise its health. We will explore the importance of tailoring your skincare routine to morning and nighttime, providing you with the right steps and products for each phase.

Understanding the Skin’s Circadian Rhythm

The skin operates on its own circadian rhythm, a 24-hour cycle that influences essential biological processes like cell renewal, repair, and protection. By aligning your skincare routine with this rhythm, you can promote optimal skin health.

The Skin's Daily Cycle

During the day, the skin acts as a protective barrier, safeguarding it against environmental stressors such as UV rays and pollution. As the sun sets and we enter the nighttime phase, the skin's repair and regeneration period starts. This is the time when our skin replenishes and rejuvenates itself, making it the ideal stage for intensive skincare treatments.

Morning Skincare Ritual

In the morning, it's crucial to focus on protecting and preparing the skin for the day ahead. Follow these key steps and use the recommended products for your morning skincare routine:

Cleansing: Start your day by washing away impurities and excess oils with a gentle cleanser like Sodashi's Clay Cleanser. Our Clay Cleansers are formulated to effectively cleanse your skin without stripping away its essential moisture.

Hydration: After cleansing, replenish moisture and balance your skin's pH levels with a hydrating face mist. This step prepares your skin to better absorb subsequent products.

Moisturisation and Sun Protection: Protect your skin from harmful free radicals by applying an antioxidant-rich moisturiser. Apply an antioxidant-rich moisturiser to protect your skin from harmful free radicals. Look for ingredients like vitamin C, which can be found in all of our moisturisers, as they provide defense against environmental stressors.

Night Skincare Ritual

As the day winds down, it's time to give your skin the extra care and attention it deserves. A night-time skincare ritual is essential for repair, rejuvenation and replenishment. Here's what you should include in your nightly ritual:

Cleansing: Begin with one of Sodashi’s Clay Cleansers to deeply purify and detoxify your skin from accumulated dirt during the day.

Hydration: After cleansing, use a hydrating face mist to replenish moisture and balance your skin's pH levels, enhancing the absorption of subsequent products.

Treatment Mask: Treat your skin to an indulgent treatment with Sodashi’s Plant Essence Replenish Mask. This nourishing mask harnesses the power of botanical extracts to hydrate, firm and strengthen your skin.

Skin Repair: Apply Sodashi’s Nourishing Repair Treatment, an ultra-moisturising night cream packed with powerful botanical extracts such as Rosehip, Carrot and Apricot Kernel oils. This cream repairs sun-damaged skin, boosts collagen production, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and improves overall skin texture.

Body Moisturiser: Extend the benefits of your skincare ritual to your body by applying Sodashi's Body Brilliance Cream. This cream provides intense hydration, improves elasticity and enhances your skin's natural radiance, leaving it soft and supple from head to toe.

Your Nighttime Skincare Ritual - Age-Defying Night Treatment Ritual (Limited Edition)

Elevate your night-time skincare ritual with our Age-Defying Night Treatment Ritual. This carefully curated set combines our best anti-ageing night treatment products that work synergistically to enhance your skin's radiance, combat the signs of aging and provide an indulgent self-care experience.


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