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Megan's Spring Skincare Edit

Check out our latest Q and A with Sodashi Founder, Megan Larsen.

Find out more about her top recommendations for a nurturing men's spring skincare routine below!

  1. Is it important to change up the products you use for spring? If so, why and how can we do this?

Yes! When spring arrives we don’t need such heavy moisturisers to combat the dry air and heating of winter.  Spring brings a change in temperature, which often means your skin may also start to produce more oil.

One of the mistakes we often make is thinking we need to reach for a stronger face wash or products to dry up the oil.  What our skin actually needs is a balance.  If we dry up the oil, our skin will only produce more.  So instead use products that will balance your skin and increase your natural glow.  Because we need our skin to produce some oil to prevent premature ageing.

  1. Which ingredients in the Sodashi range do you find most useful for nurturing your skin as the weather starts to warm up?

Botanical oils of Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain, Lime, Palmarosa, Sandalwood, Macadamia Oil and Jojoba Oil are great for our skin as the temperature starts to increase.  These natural oils work to balance the sebum production of the skin, so contrary to what you might think - applying a natural face oil will not make your skin oilier.

  1. Which products would you recommend for controlling oiliness?

Sodashi’s Balance range as designed specifically for oily and combination skin. For spring try switching out your winter moisturiser for the Balancing Face and Neck Moisturiser. A lightweight cream infused with Lime, Jojoba, Rosehip and Lavender, it’s an amazing hydrator and balances oiliness for a brighter, more even skin tone. You can spritz skin with Balancing Face Mist before you apply your moisturiser to lock in more hydration. It’s also brilliant under make-up. The Balancing Skin Boost is a great addition to the spring skincare ritual. A leave-on gel mineral infusion with ylang-ylang and geranium, it firms and repairs skin from within and has a fantastic mattifying effect so is perfect as a primer before make up. When you can, treat your skin to some ‘make up’ free days.

  1. What is one beauty product we often forget to include in our spring beauty regimen?

A weekly face mask to purify and brighten skin and help boost skin cell renewal.  My favourite for spring is the Sodashi Brightening Marine Mineral Mask. It contains Australian Zeolite Clay which provides a powerful clarifying action and Bentonite and Kaolin Clays to absorb excess oil, refine pores and improve colour and vitality.

  1. What is one area of the body that gets overlooked and how can we care for this?

Exfoliation for both face and body is really important to brighten and help improve all over skin tone. It also helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and the removal of accumulated toxins from the winter months. For the face, try the one-minute Enzyme Face Polish treatment and for the body regular exfoliation with the Jojoba Bead Body Polish will leave skin soft and hydrated, ready to bare come summer!

  1. Which Sodashi product(s) should we all invest in this VIP Sale?

The Balancing Serum. A few drops of this lightweight oil-serum smoothed onto skin before bedtime will utterly balance, revitalise and renew skin before morning. It’s a potent blend of eight pure botanical oils - jojoba, hazelnut, rosehip, petitgrain, sweet orange, cedarwood, lavender and ylang-ylang - that works to balance oil production, protect and recharge skin cells, to speed up cell recovery for a glowy, clear complexion. With a beautiful texture, it’s an amazing hydrator and also packed full of antioxidants.





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