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Megan Larsen’s skincare tips for men

Sodashi Founder Megan Larsen shares her skincare tips for men.

Although men traditionally spend less time caring for their skin than women do, they often spend more time damaging their skin through outdoor activities and hazardous work conditions. Like women’s skin, men’s skin needs regular treatments and a daily skincare routine to retain a youthful and groomed look.

There are however considerable differences between men’s and women’s skin, so men can’t simply dip into their wives or girlfriends skincare products if they want to see real anti-ageing results.

Characteristics of men’s skin: 

  • Thicker- Men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s skin, more hydrated and richer in collagen
  • Skin Ageing- Men’s skin ages later but more noticeably
  • Sebum Production- Male hormones are responsible for a higher level of sebaceous secretion
  • Daily Shaving- Removes the skin’s natural protective barrier (hydrolipidic film) and irritates the skin

Men need products tailored to their skin type which is why I decided to create a Sodashi Mankind range, a complete mens' skincare and shaving routine. Key ingredients include therapeutic-grade essential oils of cedarwood, lime and cypress that decongest and restore balance to the skin, and lemon and rosemary oils to soften and smooth the complexion.

I realised too that men want practical, uncomplicated, natural and fast-working products. Our Clean Skin Cleanser and Shaving Emulsion, for example, is a non-foaming cleanser that doubles as a shaving cream: it removes impurities, re-mineralises the skin, softens facial hair for shaving and minimises shaving irritation. The aromatic Skin Karma After Shave and Face Mist also doubles as a toner, soothing and hydrating the skin after shaving and can be used throughout the day to refresh.

Megan’s skin care tips for men:

  1. If you do nothing else, cleansing is the single most important thing you can do for your face. Men’s skin typically has large pores and very active sebaceous glands. While these glands are critical for keeping the skin naturally moist, they can often produce too much sebum, leaving your skin feeling greasy. Neglecting to wash away the excess oil and dirt can clog pores, which leaves the skin prone to breakouts.
  2. Remember the eyes. The skin around the eyes needs special attention. The soft, thin layer of skin that surrounds the eye is especially prone to developing creases and wrinkles. This can be prevented with regular use of an eye cream. It smooths and protects the skin, but requires serious commitment and proper usage. Applying eye cream once in a blue moon does nothing! Dab the eye cream gently on the edge of the bone around the eye to maximise effectiveness and prevent irritation. It will slowly absorb and spread to the fragile areas that need it most. Try our Eye and Lip Smoother.
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