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Introducing our new eco-friendly Bamboo Spatula

We are so pleased to introduce you to our new sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo spatulas.

When researching for the perfect eco-friendly material that aligns with our core values and is durable with our products, we discovered Bamboo.

You can expect to find these new spatulas in your face and body products soon as we transition from our current black spatulas.

A simple way we can make a difference is by switching to sustainable eco-friendly materials.

It is shocking how much plastic is only used once and ends up in our beautiful oceans, rivers, woodlands and landfills. Bamboo is an incredible alternative to plastic because it’s so strong and durable but is also biodegradable and of course 100% natural.

6 reasons why we chose Bamboo...

1. It's the fastest-growing plant on earth

Highly sustainable and naturally renewable, Bamboo can grow to full size in just 3 - 4 months! This means it can grow 3 feet tall in 24 hours. It's also 100% natural as toxic chemicals aren't required to harvest this wonderful plant.

2. Extra strong and super durable

Bamboo can be used time and time again without deteriorating, that's what makes it perfect as an application tool for your Sodashi products. It's also super light so you can take it anywhere with you!

3. Naturally Anti-bacterial

Bamboo Kun (found inside Bamboo fibres) prevents bacteria and microbes from growing on your bamboo spatula - this means that if you clean your bamboo spatula properly then it will always be safe to use. Hence why bamboo is growing in the hospitality industry for straws, plates and utensils! 

4. Bamboo is great for the environment 

Bamboo acts as a "carbon sink" and has many wonderful benefits for our environment. The strong roots make the soil beneath more stable, which helps to stabilise the ground (preventing landslides) and restores the land beneath. Bamboo also absorbs 2x more carbon dioxide than other trees and generates a vast amount of oxygen, (up to 30% more than most other plants and trees). 

To protect biodiversity and endangered species, Bamboo acts as a shelter and a source of food. 

5. It saves our precious water

Growing bamboo requires no irrigation which means it saves water!

6. Bamboo grows across the globe

Another thing that makes Bamboo so special is that it grows across many environments. This means it is easily accessible to people without the need for excess transportation or manufacturing. Bamboo generally grows in tropical and subtropical regions throughout Asia, Africa, America and many other countries across the globe.

Keep an eye out for our new Bamboo Spatula's as we begin to include these in your Sodashi products!

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