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How Sodashi products come to be

Sodashi Founder Megan Larsen explains how Sodashi natural skincare products come to be.


The Inspiration

Inspiration to create a new product often comes from the amazing feedback I get from spa therapists or facialists, as well as people who use Sodashi products every day.  Sometimes it’s an exciting new ingredient that gives me inspiration, but it is always about creating products that REALLY WORK and make people feel great from the inside out.

The Brief

Once I have a product in mind, I write a product brief.  The next step is to research pure plant ingredients that can provide the benefits I want the product to deliver.  Samples of the ingredients are sourced from our trusted suppliers around the world for evaluation and testing. I then draw on my knowledge of aromatherapy, naturopathy and Ayurveda to formulate the product; the synergies created by blending the purest natural ingredients are what make Sodashi’s products so effective, delivering amazing results without sensitivity. 1+1=3!

The Test

Then comes the product testing. NO Sodashi products are ever tested on animals. We have a team of extremely willing volunteers made up of Soda

shi staff, family and friends, who test new products over a three-to-six month period to ensure that the product really works and is absolutely safe to use.

The time it takes to develop a new product from start to finish varies. It depends on the product. Our ultra-luxe Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Face Crème, for example, was five years in the making!  It depends on the complexity of the product and the benefits we want it to deliver.

Once we are happy with the performance of the product i.e. it delivers all the benefits we outlined in the brief, the next phase is stability testing to achieve our two-year shelf life promise.  This is our final challenge – preserving natural products with natural preservatives. Over our 12 year history, this is something we have achieved with outstanding results.

The Launch

It is after meeting all of these criteria that we consider a Sodashi product is ready for launch to market.

We generally launch one to two products a year.

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