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Coming Up Roses!

The holistic wellness properties of prized Damask Rose Oil.

Perennial love

Historically and classically associated with love, virtue, and celebration, the rose has a fervent connotation with perennial romanticism and affection.

Whilst the Romans were known to lavishly adorn great halls with rose petals, dried flowers have been discovered sitting aside ancient mummies; a gift to the gods to ensure safe passage to the afterlife. The goddess, Aphrodite herself was adorned with a delicate crown of roses; symbolising love.

These stories have been passed down through the ages. But lesser known are the physical and holistic wellness properties associated with roses – that have, incidentally, been around for centuries.

A bunch of benefits

Cleopatra, whose beauty was beheld far and wide, was known to bathe in rose oil to reverse the signs of aging. Rose Oil hydrates, balances, and tones the skin to achieve this effect and is extremely effective in encouraging improved circulation, reducing puffiness and redness.

The scent of rose also helps to prompt feelings of love to both the self and to others and to reduce stress, which is why our products have a calming effect.

From a scientific point-of-view, research shows that all essential oils have a high vibrational frequency (a maximum vibration of 320Hz). This supports emotional and physical wellbeing in lifting the vibration of our own cells when applied.

A trip to Isparta Valley...

As with all Sodashi ingredients, we have strived to source the highest quality Damask Rose Oil to use in our products. This meant going to the beautiful rose capital of Turkey; Isparta Valley - an area famously adored by poets, writers and travellers alike for its natural beauty and brilliant landscape.

The climate, geography and soil composition makes for an optimum product, something which is only improved by the delicate manner in which the plants are picked. During the harvest season, each rose is handpicked in the morning when morning dew still sits gently on the petals. To maintain their delicious scent and to preserve their wellness properties, the flowers are immediately distilled to gain the highest quality oil. Through paying special attention to this process, the best product is produced.

Not all products are rosy

Due to its popularity as a scent and its association to love, there are plenty of rose products on the market for you to choose from. However, it is important to not to be fooled by appearance (or even the aroma!). Unfortunately, not all products on the market allow you to the reap the true rewards of this wonderful ingredient.

Try our rose products

Sodashi is pleased to incorporate the highest quality Damask Rose Oil into our products. We recommend the below Damask Rose Oil products to support sound physical and emotional wellbeing.

  1. Calming Rose Face Mist

Not only does this product tone, hydrate and balance the skin, it also offers a host of wellness benefits. These include lifting energy levels and mood, easing stress and clearing your head.

  1. Jasmine & Rose Body Lotion

This indulgent lotion offers a deep level of nourishment and hydration, whilst improving skin elasticity. Combining the oil of love (rose) and the oil of confidence (jasmine), our Jasmine and Rose Body lotion is not only a must for nourished skin but also a useful tool to promote self-love and appreciation. We recommend using before you go to bed and in the morning to set yourself up for an abundant, productive day.

  1. Radiance Aroma Blend

Used in rejuvenating treatments throughout Sodashi Spas properties, this luxurious blend awakens and leaves you feeling happy, healthy and refreshed. Simply inhale to enjoy the holistic benefits of Damask Rose, leaving beside your bed, or in your handbag to give you a boost on-the-go.

To find out more about Damask Rose, we welcome you to get in touch with one of our International Spa Trainers by emailing


To new, rosy beginnings…




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