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Body Brilliance Cream: Inspiration to Creation

Our luscious Body Brilliance Cream is the newest champion product in our natural skincare range. Having gone through months of testing and retesting, we are pleased to present this luxurious product with the perfect aroma, texture and formulation.


The Inspiration

We often get asked about what inspires our range and what prompts the creation of a new product.

And the answer is simple; we are inspired by the purity of nature and the integrity of our raw ingredients.

We are then inspired to channel these ingredients into a formulation that reaps the most benefits for our customers and transports them to a place of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Creation

The Body Brilliance Cream journey commenced when Sodashi Founder, Megan Larsen, received a sample of Vanilla Essential Oil from Madagascar. The smell was so rich, grounding and inspiring that it was love at first whiff!

Upon starting the formulation process, we considered a few key benefits we wanted the cream to deliver to our customers. These were:

  1. Incredible hydration and nourishment for the skin

  2. Anti-ageing benefits, including relief for sun-damaged and dry skin.

  3. Long-lasting (24-hour) hydration

  4. A thick and rich texture, to provide relief to really dry or mature skin.

  5. A formulation that really highlighted the beauty of the Madagascan Vanilla we had sourced, and amplified the incredible aroma.

Although we knew we wanted to combine our Vanilla Oil with sumptuous Shea and Mango Butter, as well as Coconut and Jojoba Oils to maximise hydrating benefits, we experimented with many different ratios. Through this process, we wished to produce an optimum formulation that absorbed fast, avoided leaving the skin congested and oily and glided on smooth. What eventuated was a luxurious formula with an amazing whipped texture.

The Test

Once we had the correct consistency, texture and ratios, it was time to put the product through its paces to make sure that it would stay fresh in our customer's beauty cabinets and ensure it delivered the benefits we believed it could. As Sodashi avoids testing on animals at all costs, this meant rallying the troops and getting some (very) willing friends and family to test the cream.

With glowing reviews flooding in from all volunteers, we were confident that Body Brilliance Cream was a winner and would deliver a luxurious, hydrating ritual experience to our customers.

‘It doesn’t get more luxurious than this rich body treatment from Sodashi, which smells like real vanilla (it’s so good, it smells just like icing!), along with other sensual notes of ylang ylang, patchouli and jasmine to invigorate the senses. Unwind after a long day by warming up a small dollop of the intensely-hydrating formula in your palms, then massage it into limbs to relax your muscles’  - Iantha Yu, Editor, BeautyCrew

We hope you love your Body Brilliance Cream as much as we do. To buy our newest product, click here.


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