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Adaptogens - Superherbs for your skin

What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens can be broadly defined as botanical extracts that can help regulate processes in the body and adapt at times of stress to give the skin what it needs at any given point in time. That is, they will instigate a harmonious reaction in the body or the skin, which is appropriate to achieve balance.

Truly one of natures gem's

Adaptogenic herbs are plants with properties that normalise and balance the body and skin. Adaptogen essential oils are derived from these types of herbs.  Which makes many of them highly valuable to support great skin.

It can be confusing how an essential oil can be both a relaxant and a stimulant, but that is what makes them truly one of nature’s gems and why they have been used in skincare for centuries.

Which Adaptogens should I look out for?

Some of our founder, Megan Larsen's favourite adaptogens are in our Cell Renewal Drops.

Lemon effectively works when used as a compress to melt away the congestion caused by dead skin cells on the skin’s surface.  At the same time it helps regulate the body by acting as a sedative when needed, or as a tonic for the ultimate pick me up.

Lavender, is without doubt one of my favourite essential oils.  It can rapidly heal the skin because of it’s cytophylactic properties  – that is it encourages the growth of healthy new skin cells.  Lavender also possesses sedative and restorative properties and supports wellbeing because it assists the body to deal with unproductive stress.

Geranium, which I often refer to as the great balancer.  It helps support our nervous system because it’s both a sedative and it’s uplifting.  It’s used in Sodashi products,  because it stops the skin over producing oil, and actually balances it.  It also has cytophylactic properties.

This active formulation of essential oils is exceptional. It helps your skin cells turn around more efficiently, which does significantly reduce aging.  The essential oils in this product also support your wellbeing, in particular your body’s ability to adapt and cope with stress.

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