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10 Post-Party Season Skin Care Tips

Whilst we all love the summertime social events; the delicious drinks, yummy food and fun makeup looks, our skin may not love it so much.

Our wonderful spa trainer Nikolett has put together 10 Post Party Skin Care Tips to say bye-bye to any blemishes and hello to the glowing skin we loved pre-party season.

For Your Face

1. Blemish-away

We like to call our Blemish Treatment “First Aid in a bottle” as it works to rapidly heal and repair any blemish on the skin. A leave-on gel packed with a healing anti-bacterial blend of spike lavender, calendula, chamomile and damask rose, this Blemish Treatment will help prevent scarring and leave you looking flawless.

2. Retexturize and Brighten your Complexion

Our triple-action exfoliator, Enzyme Face Polish helps to retexture, exfoliate, brighten your complexion, whilst nurturing and hydrating your skin. After cleansing, apply a small pea-sized amount of enzyme face polish onto a damp face and lightly massage over the skin and neck in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area. For best results, leave on for 1 minute, then remove with a warm face cloth.

3. Detox, Cleanse and Recharge

Our Brightening Marine Mineral Mask is the perfect mask to detoxify your skin and draw out any impurities. This mask will leave you with an instant glow and radiating positive loveliness!

4. Add in your Antimicrobial Compress Treatment

Our Brightening Face Drops are an aromatic facial compress that will enlighten your senses, making you feel super relaxed. These Facial Drops boost the skin’s natural renewal cycle and are antimicrobial as well.

For Your Body

5. Spring Back to Balance with our Body Balance Salt Therapy Exfoliant

Our Body Balance Salt Therapy Exfoliant is the perfect body exfoliator and detoxifier that can also be used as an ultra-relaxing bath salt. The Himalayan salts remineralise skin, whilst the Sweet Orange uplifts the mind and Clary Sage and Geranium brings equilibrium to your mind, body and soul.

6. Ease Water Retention

Our Enlivening Body Lotion will help you energise, hydrate and ease unwanted water retention. The incredible cypress stimulates circulation and decongests the lymphatic system whilst lemongrass tones slack skin and tissues and refines large pores.

7. Detoxify your body

To help to shape up post-party season our Contouring Body Gel used after a nice shower can help to reduce the signs of cellulite and reduce fluid retention. Contouring Body Gel deeply hydrates and gently detoxifies areas such as the abdomen, back, legs and upper arms. Follow with our Toxicleanse Oil for a silky smooth finish.

8. Revitalise your Hair

Our Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is the perfect way to ease tension from the scalp and treat overexposed hair. If you’ve been styling your hair or spent some time in saltwater/sun then this is the mask for you!

9. Reboost your Immune System

Sleep, exercise, vitamins, water, watermelon, cucumber and probiotics!

10. Stay Grounded

The root chakra, located at the base of the tailbone governs instinct, security, stability and sensuality.  When off balance, it can make us feel low in energy, alienated and easily angered. Applying our Chakra Blend 1 to the root chakra can help you feel secure, stable and full of health and energy, ready for the new year ahead.

Corresponding crystals; red jasper, bloodstone and hematite.

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