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The scoop of Man-tenance - The Perfect Shave

The scoop on Man-tenance.

Like all skin types, male skin requires its own skincare products that work hard to remedy specific concerns. We explore why an effective skincare regime is necessary for men, and our top product picks for the perfect shave.

Why is skincare important?

Especially if you channel a ‘work hard, play hard’ approach to life, it is vital that you undertake a skincare regime that can support your skin against the harsh effects of sun exposure, stress and lifestyle. Like the engine of a car, your skin requires regular maintenance to perform at its best. Leave it too long without a service, and you’re looking at tired, dull and potentially acne-prone skin – which will cost you in the long run.

Male skin also has its own unique challenges – such as wear and tear of daily shaving. Sodashi’s Mankind range supports the skin with carefully chosen natural ingredients and includes products to incorporate before and after shaving.

Why go natural?

Like being behind the wheel of a 1965 Aston Martin DB5, a sound skincare regime is not just about the way you look…it’s also about the way you feel. As 60% of products applied to the skin enter the bloodstream, it’s important to stay away from the nasties and go for products with the least human intervention possible.

How do I approach my shaving routine?

Whether you prefer to go clean-faced, rock a slight stubble or turn out an impressive spectacle of facial plumage, introducing products into your man-tenance routine to calm skin and reduce irritation is highly recommended.

Especially for Father’s Day, Sodashi is excited to release our newest, limited edition kit – aptly named ‘the perfect shave’. This kit includes all you need to prepare the skin for an effective shaving experience and offers extensive hydration and anti-inflammatory properties. Save 20% on this beautiful kit and purchase for only $199.00AUD!

The Perfect Shave Kit includes the below products:


  1. Clean Skin Cleanser & Shaving Emulsion

This heavyweight, multitasking cleanser decongests the skin and fights skin sensitivity. As well as leaving your skin feeling clean as a whistle, this dual-action product also prepares you for your shave. A very useful tool to have in your belt!


  1. Skin Restore

A must-have addition to your shaving routine, this calming leave-on gel contains Frankincense, rejuvenating Carrot Seed and Cedarwood to soothe skin. Also offering repairing qualities, Patchouli oils will soothe any cuts, scars, acne and grazes, whilst lime oil works overtime to combat excess oil.


  1. Skin Karma AfterShave and Face Mist

The final nail in your skincare regime, Skin Karma enforces absolute hydration and sets your skin’s pH equilibrium. Take in the invigorating essences of Sandalwood, Cypress, Ylang Ylang and Rosemary to complete the ritual.



Skincare Tips:

Like any positive life choice, Sodashi believes that healthy skin cannot be achieved in a vacuum. Although putting the highest-performing, natural products on your skin certainly does help with looking good and feeling great, staying active, eating healthy, nurturing foods and drinking plenty of water will also assist.

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