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Onda Beauty x Sodashi

We are delighted to announce our launch with ONDA Beauty!


ONDA Beauty was founded by homegrown actress, Naomi WattsLarissa Thomson, who formerly lead Fashion Marketing at Condé Nast, and former editor of Donna Hay, Sarah Bryden-Brown. With stores in New York, London and Sydney, ONDA focuses on living beautifully through non-toxic, clean beauty products.

To celebrate the launch, we spoke to Australian Director, Nicole Manning about how her own love for nature is reflected in ONDA's newly opened Paddington space and their unique, all-encompassing approach to the clean beauty movement.


  • You have a self-confessed love for nature – how is this love reflected in ONDA’S unique spa space and the products you incorporate into your treatments?

ONDA captures the power of nature through our carefully edited selection of clean beauty products, bringing a botanically-driven power into our thoughtfully designed stores in Sydney, Tribeca, Sag Harbor and London. You can feel it, smell it, and experience it whether you are simply enjoying being in our store, looking for a product or experiencing one of our truly grounding and restorative skin treatments.

Our treatment rooms are sanctuaries, lit by a single Kelly Wearstler sconce, shining through a beautiful natural clear quartz. Here, clients are treated with clean, natural products, distilled from the finest pure ingredients available from around the world.

To experience nature means something subtly different in each of our global locations. For us in Sydney, it’s about gently framing our naturally beautiful environment. From the view of the mighty Jacaranda, to fixtures and fittings, through to products, we have designed ONDA to be an experience of nature which leaves clients feeling completely renewed and restored.



  • Which skincare concerns do your clients typically experience going into winter?

Cooler weather in Sydney means that clients are spending time in warm air conditioning and having hot showers before stepping into the cold… all of which means that the skin becomes more prone to dryness, sensitivity and dehydration.  I notice an increase in perioral dermatitis with the change in season. It's important to be using products that protect the microbiome and do not overdry the skin.


  • What are your must-have Sodashi products for the colder months?

Calming Rose Face Mist

Clay Cleanser with Lavender

Eye and Lip Smoother


  • Which wellness rituals do you incorporate into your everyday life?

I do my best to create personally meaningful moments throughout the day, no matter what I may be doing or where I am. I begin each morning by making my bed, sipping a glass of warm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar, drinking some Beauty Chef elixirs and taking a dip in the ocean in summer or a walk around Centennial Park to get in touch with nature.

I’m trying to be more mindful about switching off at the end of the day and being present with friends and family.


  • What does ‘wellness’ mean to you?

Wellness to me means enjoying life in balance. I love what I do and find it incredibly fulfilling, however, at times it can be tiring. It’s important to me to take a holistic approach to wellness; not only keeping my skin healthy, but taking care of my body, inside and out, and my mind.

This means achieving what I set out to do each day with enough energy, vibrancy and presence to practice my personal self-care rituals with an enthusiasm that helps me to feel well. Approaching wellness in this way has become a useful signal for me when I may be pushing myself too hard and perhaps need to take a step back and find more balance. And for me, it’s a more relaxing way to think about living a healthy life.


To find out more about ONDA, click here. 

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