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Meditate Your Way Through the Mindful Skincare Ritual

A mindful skincare ritual can work wonders for mental health; by setting aside a few minutes of your day to nourish your skin, you are devoting time to caring for yourself and diverting your energy away from negativity and external pressures.

What is ‘Mindful Skincare’?

To understand the meaning behind this term, it is important to first grasp the concept of “mindfulness”. The history of mindfulness goes back hundreds of years, where the term “mindfulness” originally comes from the Buddhist concept of “Sati,” which is a concept of slowing down to be present and aware of thoughts, physical sensations and the world around us.

Today, mindfulness has merged into many aspects of our lives, including walking, eating, exercising, working on a task, spending time with your loved ones, and of course skincare! As mindfulness is about being present in the moment and acknowledging your senses, the concept of “Mindful Skincare’ works around creating a space where you give yourself time to reconnect with yourself and show loving attention to your skin.

Create A Mindful Skincare Ritual with Sodashi

A mindful skincare ritual helps your mental health by reducing stress and increasing self-awareness, productivity, and self-esteem. Here is how you can transform your night skincare ritual into a grounding, mindful ritual to cleanse away the negative energy.

Face Cleansers:

Begin by taking a deep breath, slowing down, and washing your face with one of Sodashi’s cleansers. LEARN MORE


Gently exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin with our Brightening Face Drops. This aromatic skin-perfecting liquid exfoliator calms your senses with its soothing scent. LEARN MORE

Face Mask:

Apply our Plant Essence Replenish Face Mask to deeply nourish, revitalise the skin and reveal your natural glow. 15 minutes before rinsing off, meditate while your mask is working its skincare magic. LEARN MORE

Face Mist:

Spray our Calming Rose Face Mist before applying your moisturiser to boost hydration and refresh and calm your mind. You can also have a quick spritz of face mist during the day and before your meditation to set yourself into practice. LEARN MORE

Moisturiser and Serum:

While applying Moisturiser and Serum, feel every touch with love and intention, from massaging the skin to treating it softly. LEARN MORE

Body Lotion and Oil:

Have an at-home luxury body self-massage with our Body Oil and Cream to nourish and calm your body while soothing your mind. Harnessing the power of Agarwood Oil (Oud), it has a profound ability  to release stored  emotions while deeply calming and soothing the nervous system, making it the perfect tonic for tiredness and stress. LEARN MORE

Body Scrub:

Standing under a steaming shower and washing off the day is another meditative moment. Be present and focused on the task at hand as you thoroughly slough off the day with an aromatic body scrub and emerge from the shower with a clearer mind and smoother skin. LEARN MORE

Extra Tips

  1. Focus on the present moment and deep breathing during your skincare ritual to enter a state of meditation.
  2. Make each step of your skincare ritual intentional, and fill your movements with love.
  3. Feel every touch, from massaging the skin to treating it softly with serums and moisturiser.
  4. Intentionally send love and positive energy back into your skin.
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