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Happy Skin for Travellers

The daily commuter. The Jet setter. The Air Mile Hoarder.

However frequently you travel, the dry conditions on an airplane, the long layovers and the many, many timezones can really go to town on your skin. Example: a sudden breakout erupts after many years of dormancy – not a great look for those holiday selfies!

Luckily, Sodashi’s meticulously handcrafted range has a product for every potential travel skin concern.


Onboard Essentials


A glass of water every hour. A walk around the cabin every few hours – you’ve got your inflight wellness regimen down! To ensure your skin gets as much of a refresh, we would recommend using moisture and nutrient-rich products to keep your hydration levels high at altitude.

  1. Jet Lag Kit

As an avid and frequent traveller, Sodashi Founder, Megan Larsen formulated our Jet Lag Kit so you can arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to take on the sites!

Both the 50ML Jet Lag Recovery Mist and 15ML Jetlag Recovery Gel beautifully blend Ginger and Lemongrass to stimulate the digestive system and promote mental clarity during your trip. The aromas of Peppermint and Spanish Rosemary instantly uplift and refresh.

We would recommend a spritz of the Mist on the face and application of the Gel on the pulse points every few hours.

  1. Rejuvenating Serum

Apply our Rejuvenating Serum as soon as you board the plane and reapply as needed.

Perfect to soothe moisture-sapped skin, this beautiful product penetrates into the deeper levels of the skin and restores moisture.  A Sodashi best-seller, Carrot, Palmarosa and Frankincense oils combine to create a unique infusion, which boasts a gorgeous silky texture and subtle aroma. Apply as needed throughout your journey for a radiant glow at touchdown.

This 30ML bottle with fit nicely in your carry on or amenities bag.


Heading away…on a skiing holiday


Between runs and hot chocolates, a skincare routine when holidaying in a cold destination should be all about moisture, moisture, moisture!

  1. Nourishing Repair Treatment

Specifically formulated to replenish the skin while you sleep, our Nourishing Repair Treatment also locks in moisture and stimulates collagen production – perfect to maintain a dewy, fresh complexion on holiday!

Nutrient-dense, cold-pressed Australian Avocado Oil combines with Centella and Rosewood oils in this highly effective, multi-purpose cream. For an extra hydrating boost, feel free to also use throughout the day.

  1. Plant Essence Replenish Mask

Take this luxe, mask treatment with you for a much-needed nutrient-boost!

Our most ultra-hydrating mask yet, our Plant Essence Replenish Mask includes Gotu Kola, Clary Sage and Gingko Biloba to support the skins own natural renewal process, firm and give the skin an incredible dewy appearance. Target fine lines and deeply nourish while winding down from a long day on the slopes to keep skin plump and glowy all holiday long.


Heading away…to a tropical island


Let’s face it! The last thing you want in the heat are skincare products that sit on the top of your skin and weigh you down. Instead, our Tropical Island recommendations include products that will absorb fast, mattify the skin and uplift the senses!

  1. Balancing Face Mist

There is no other word for this mist than ‘REFRESHING’! Light and cooling on application, our Balancing Face Mist combines tropical Ylang Ylang and zesty Lime to instantly uplift.

Designed to balance sebum production, this mist is brilliant to prevent break outs and to keep your skin totally hydrated.

Apply pre-beach, post-beach, pre-cocktail – or at any time you need a refreshing lift during your break!


  1. Balancing Skin Boost

Offering a gorgeous, cooling gel texture, our Balancing Skin Boost works to mattify your complexion and prime the face pre-makeup application. Adaptogenic Lavender and Geranium balance oil production while antibacterial Palmarosa relieves inflammation and controls blemishes.

Perfect to nourish the skin, this incredible product will instantly cool your complexion and make you holiday snap-ready!

Safe and Happy Travels.

The Sodashi Team



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