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Celebrating 22 years of Sodashi Skin Care

Standing the test of time.

We are extremely proud of our humble beginnings and so grateful for our loyal customers, spa partners and international distributors who have been on the journey with us for the last 22 years! Join us as we take a trip down memory lane, looking back on how we have evolved from Megan Larsen's kitchen bench to becoming an international luxury skincare brand.


The Health Cottage

It all began at The Health Cottage in 1994. This was our founder Megan Larsen’s first health and wellness-focused business - a health store in Duncraig, Western Australia. This sparked her interest in health, aromatherapy and wellness.


Provence, the South of France

In 1995, Megan took part in an Aroma Tour to Provence in the south of France. It was here that Megan was given the opportunity to meet world-renowned aromatherapy leaders and it was also where the first seeds of Sodashi were planted. This trip raised a burning question for Megan;

"Is anyone doing anything with essential oils and skincare?”

Whilst some people were dabbling a little bit, no one had unlocked the secret synergy… yet!


Megan Larsen's Kitchen

Returning home, Megan was inspired and determined to bring this idea to life. She started to experiment with plant oils and essential oils in creative ways. By early 1996, Megan had formulated her very first moisturiser, now known as our Rejuvenating Face and Neck Moisturiser (still our best-seller today!).


The name 'Sodashi' was chosen

As word spread quickly, more than 50 pots were flying out the door a week and it was time to give this wonderful creation a name!

After flicking through the Sanskrit dictionary Megan discovered Sodashi. Calling the business Sodashi was an easy choice – it combined Megan’s love for Ayurveda, the soft and kind sound of the Sanskrit language and it had the perfect definition - wholeness, purity and radiance.


Sodashi Officially Launched

As business became busy, along came the very first Sodashi employee, Anne. Together Anne and Megan expanded the Sodashi range adding cleansers, serums, boosts and more!


We entered the Australian Spa World

Our first Australian partner was P&O Resorts, the first Spa Sodashi went in to was Lizard Island Spa (late 2002) and this was followed by Heron, Bedarra and then Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and Silky Oaks in Queensland.

We developed a unique Sodashi spa experience that has truly stood the test of time – a beautiful blend of effectiveness and relaxation, ultimately supporting our wonderful customers' wellbeing.


Sodashi goes Global!

With the help of distributors, Sodashi also hit the international spa world in 2002. Our first international Spa Partner was the wonderful Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit in Thailand.


Mankind was born

As our Sodashi male spa treatments grew in popularity we felt the demand for a Male Skincare range! We launched Mankind in 2003, containing all the right vitamins and minerals to soften, nourish and hydrate even the toughest skin types.


In the Heart of North Fremantle

As the business continued to grow it was time for a new space! We moved to our North Fremantle HQ in 2004, across from the beautiful Indian ocean. We are so grateful to still be here today.


We Launched Most Powerful Anti-Ageing Skincare Range

In 2005, Megan began formulating a product that would help treat a loved one who was suffering from eczema.

After two years of researching and developing Megan discovered how incredibly powerful this creme was in restoring collagen and elasticity to the skin. By increasing the potency and adding the precious Rose Quartz Crystal water, Megan created our Samadara Range.

2007 - 2021

Award-Winning Skin Care

As the years passed by the Sodashi product range and sophisticated spa treatments began winning awards around the globe!


Natural Skin Care Pioneer

Today, we are partnered with over 100 luxury spas around the world and located in more than 30 countries!

We continue to formulate and lovingly craft each Sodashi product by hand in our Lab located in North Fremantle facing the beautiful Indian Ocean.

A key ingredient in Sodashi Skin Care is the intention that goes into the product; the working day includes the time when as a team we meditate together to ensure that the energy going into making the product is the best it can be. We pride ourselves on never compromising on our world-class ingredients and we are proud to be 100% Australian-owned and made for over 20 years!

And it's all thanks to our loyal Sodashi customers, wonderful staff members, talented distributors and spa partners, and of course Megan's world-class formulations. Without you all, we wouldn't be here today!

With love,

The Sodashi Team.

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